Kerry O’Malley: Biography, Career Highlights, Net Worth, and Possible Affiliations with Fox 8 News

Kerry O'Malley
Kerry O'Malley

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Kerry O’Malley Biography

Kerry O’Malley is an done American actress who has graced the stage and screen together with her charming performances. Her awesome profession spans over many years, with remarkable roles in movie, tv, and theater. Whether portraying complicated characters or turning in comedic turns, O’Malley always offers captivating performances that have garnered essential acclaim and target market appreciation.

O’Malley embarked on her theater schooling at Duke University, majoring in theater arts, where she actively immersed herself in a spectrum of productions. Her tenure at Duke served as a fertile ground for talent refinement and beneficial experiential gaining knowledge of. The synergy of her unwavering dedication to studies and her profound affinity for the craft appreciably formed her evolution as a professional.

Following her graduation from Duke, O’Malley pursued superior training at the prestigious American Repertory Theater Institute affiliated with Harvard University. This respected program provided her an immersive plunge into the geographical regions of professional theater, fostering a profound comprehension of the intricacies of the artwork form. The established curriculum, coupled with helpful mentorship, certainly extended her appearing prowess, equipping her for a rich profession. She is one of four children

Kerry O’Malley Age

Kerry O Malley was born On October 31, 1966 Nashua, NH. She is 57 years old.

Kerry O’Malley Husband I Children

Kerry O’Malley entered matrimony with Karl Sonnenberg, a photographer and an professional in police and scientific technical advisory roles, in 2013. Together, they percentage the joy of parenthood, blessed with a daughter named Fiona O’Malley.

Kerry O’Malley Career

Kerry O’Malley, a flexible and performed actress, has carved a numerous career throughout film, television, and theater. Her journey inside the enjoyment enterprise spans numerous extraordinary roles and performances.

In the realm of tv, O’Malley has made appearances in various acclaimed series, showcasing her performing prowess. She has graced monitors with roles in suggests like “Shameless,” “Brotherhood,” and “Boardwalk Empire,” portraying multifaceted characters that highlight her variety and depth as an actress.

Beyond television, O’Malley has contributed to the silver display with roles in movies together with “Annabelle,” “Rounders,” and “The Happening.” Her performances in those movies display her versatility and ability to inhabit diverse roles across exclusive genres.

Additionally, her involvement in theater has been noteworthy. O’Malley has established her skills on degree, collaborating in theatrical productions that further underscore her appearing abilities and dedication to the craft.

Throughout her career, Kerry O’Malley’s dedication to handing over compelling performances throughout numerous mediums has solidified her reputation as a talented and versatile actress inside the entertainment industry.

Kerry O’Malley Movies and Tv Shows

Kerry, a flexible actress, has regarded in diverse films and TV indicates at some stage in her profession. Some of her amazing credit consist of:


  • “Annabelle” (2014) – She portrayed Sharon Higgins in this horror film.
  • “Rounders” (1998) – O’Malley performed the character of Student #2 on this drama about excessive-stakes poker.
  • “The Happening” (2008) – She regarded as Woman Reading on Bench in M. Night Shyamalan’s mystery.

TV Shows:

  • “Shameless” (2016) – O’Malley guest-starred as Bonnie on this acclaimed series.
  • Brotherhood” (2006-2008) – She portrayed Mary Rose Caffee in this political drama collection.
  • “Boardwalk Empire” (2014) – O’Malley had a role as Edith on this historic crime series.
  • These roles highlight some of Kerry O’Malley’s various performances throughout both film and tv, showcasing her skills and versatility as an actress.

Kerry O’Malley Net worth

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Kerry O’Malley’s estimated net worth falls within the range of $1 million to $5 million. This assessment is derived from publicly accessible data and expert approximations. While there might be variations, this range represents the most probable estimation of her net worth.

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