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Arliss Howard
Arliss Howard

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Arliss Howard Biography

Arliss Howard is an American actor, screenwriter, and movie director. He is thought for his roles in the movies Full Metal Jacket (1987), Tequila Sunrise (1988), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009), Moneyball (2011), and Mank (2020).

Arliss Howard, an achieved actor and filmmaker, pursued his education at Columbia University, where he studied English and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later subtle his talents and passion for performing at the distinguished Juilliard School’s Drama Division, further honing his craft in the acting arts.

Arliss Howard Age

Leslie Richard was born October 18, 1954. He is 69 years old.

Arliss Howard Wife

Howard has been married to actress Debra Winger on the grounds that 1996. They met in 1994 at the set of the film Wilder Napalm, and they married two years later. They have one son together, Babe Howard, who turned into born in 1997.

Arliss Howard Movies

Howard, a versatile actor, has regarded in severa movies throughout his profession. Some of his extraordinary movie credits encompass:

  • “Full Metal Jacket” (1987) – He portrayed Private Cowboy in Stanley Kubrick’s war movie.
  • “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” (1997) – Howard performed the individual of Peter Ludlow.
  • “Amistad” (1997) – He regarded as John C. Calhoun in Steven Spielberg’s historical drama.
  • “The Time Traveler’s Wife” (2009) – Howard become solid as Richard DeTamble.
  • Moneyball” (2011) – He portrayed John Henry, the supervisor of the Cleveland Indians.

These movies highlight some of Arliss Howard’s various roles in both blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed productions across special genres.

Arliss Howard Full Metal Jacket

Howard left an indelible mark together with his compelling portrayal of Private “Animal Mother” Parody in Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 war epic, “Full Metal Jacket.” His depiction of this severe and volatile Marine Corps recruit vividly captured the harsh realities of boot camp for the duration of the Vietnam War era.

As Parody, Howard to begin with embodied a menacing and unbridled personality, mirroring the raw and unrefined nature of some recruits. His clashes with the stern discipline enforced by using Gunnery Sergeant Hartman showcased a man or woman grappling with his vicinity inside the hard military surroundings.

Yet, Howard’s portrayal skillfully peeled back the layers of Parody’s psyche, revealing vulnerability and inner turmoil underneath the outward aggression. His man or woman’s rebellious moves stemmed from a deep-seated worry and uncertainty, portray a poignant photograph of a young guy thrust into the chaos of conflict.

Howard’s performance resonated with its uncooked depth, authentically embodying Parody’s physicality and feelings with a charming, albeit unsettling, power. His delivery of debate, charged with emotion and laced with profanity, held both force and emotional depth.

Parody’s person arc illustrated a change from a defiant recruit to a struggle-hardened soldier, a journey Howard portrayed with nuanced intensity, highlighting the psychological toll of warfare.

His portrayal in “Full Metal Jacket” not simplest showcased Howard’s versatility however also contributed notably to the film’s lasting effect, exploring topics of warfare, masculinity, and the human psyche. His rendition of Parody remains a shiny reminder of the complexities inherent within the human revel in, etching a memorable and concept-frightening portrayal in cinematic records.

Arliss Howard Height

Arliss Howard is 1.73 meters or 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Arliss Howard Net worth

According to current reports, Arliss Howard’s Net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $five million.

This estimation is based on publicly available statistics and expert estimates. It is possible that his internet well worth is extra or less than this variety, but this is the maximum probably estimate.

Howard has made his wealth via his performing profession, which has spanned over 4 a long time. He has starred in numerous movies and tv indicates, including “Full Metal Jacket,” “The Lost World: Jurassic Park,” “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” “Moneyball,” and “Mank.” He has additionally directed and written numerous movies, inclusive of “The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond” and “The Great Debaters.”

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